“As directed smashingly by Jez Butterworth, ”Mojo” infuses the rock world with the same kind of cool, conniving currents that gave ”The Usual Suspects” its sinister intensity. Greatly opening up his 1995 play, Mr. Butterworth brings enormous visual bravado to its screen version. And if, as with ”The Usual Suspects,” this film’s dramatic tensions don’t matter as much as its subversive flair, the effect here is still transfixing. Seduction, treachery, vitality and homoerotic heat make a memorable mixture here.”
The New York Times

Soho, 1958.¬†MOJO recreates the moment when British youth were plunged into a new glittering world free from the privations of war, when the birth of Rock’n’Roll brought with it a new and vibrant London. Situated in London’s seedy Soho gangland, MOJO focuses on Ezra’s Atlantic club, where Silver Johnny performs to hordes of screaming teenagers…

Director: Jez Butterworth
Screenwriter: Jez Butterworth (adapted from his play of the same name); devised by Tom Butterworth
Producer: Eric Abraham
Cast: Ian Hart, Ewen Bremner, Hans Matheson, Aidan Gillen, Andy Serkis, Ricky Tomlinson, & Harold Pinter

“Designed in bold, bright strokes, this has the kind of dizzy verve that mixes toffee apples with murder and revenge – a rock’n’roll freneticism that’s never less than diverting…fab performances, exuberance and style.”
Time Out London